Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Times they are a changin'

We live in a digital world and I am not a digital girl. But I have to become one.

In the age where technology is advancing at the speed of light, we as actors/performers must advance with it. No longer are the days where one could look pretty, bat her eyelashes and garner a studio deal. Now, you have to be the jacktress of all trades yet try to remain specialized in one. Hence, I dive into the digital media world head first and without a life jacket.... the Web Series. With my fabulous Monday Night Power Group, a group of fantastic actors and writers, we have come up with an idea. A funny one at that. There are three main writers/producers, me being one of them, and we must produce an entire series ready to be broadcast to any and everyone hanging out on the interweb. No pressure. And away we go.....

Our budget: $0

Yeah. That's right. We po'.

The Pilot
The first episode is pretty much written, just needs a tweek or two and we will be shooting at the end of July. We have lights, cameras, locations. We'll be making/borrowing/buying our own costumes, set pieces, posters and laser printers. Everything is falling into place! AND FOR FREE! Minus some costume costs of course... but hey....

I will keep you posted....


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