Monday, April 26, 2010

Grilled Cheese, Birthdays and Strip Teasin' Pirates

Saturday started off with a cheesy BANG. Literally. I spent the day at the Grilled Cheese Invitational which means cheesy goodness All. Day. Long. That is, unless you've stopped eating dairy. Once upon a time I ate cheese without thinking twice, I gorged on Gouda, Gruyre and Mozzarella without a second thought. In order to help whittle my waistline AND more importantly help my system run smoother, I cut out my best friend, Dairy. Oddly enough, I don't miss it. Outside of the occasional cream cheese and tomatoes on a bagel (tried and true amazing yumminess that's much to hard to say no to ALLLL the time) I don't eat the stuff. However, I have this crazy notion that even though I have removed things from my daily life, I can somehow eat them randomly and in abudance without any repercussions what-so-ever. Hey guess what!?!? NOT the case. Note to self: when I cut out dairy, I CUT OUT DAIRY. A day celebrating out beloved grilled cheese is great in theory but not in practice. Don't get me wrong, I had AMAZING sammy's!!! Dessert sammy's to die for!! But, I really did feel like I was going to die for them. The day was super fun though because I got to hang with my girl Chanda, wear a fun t-shirt and experience something I never had in LA. So kudos for that. I'll probably go again next year...

After spending my early evening trying to cleanse my system with Kombucha, I met up with my good friend Kiff who was celebrating his birthday in LA! But not with his fam in Chicago :( SO, I felt cupcakes and gelato were in order. Despite my daytime dairy overload, I indulged in some of the aforementioned fair. Masochism = 3, Rima = 0. However, CRUMBS was delicious as always and gelato place next door had some GREAT flavors. The birthday boy got Double Stuff Oreo Cookie which did in fact taste exactly like a double stuff Oreo cookie. It wasn't just a clever name. We had a Cotton Candy cupcake and a Reese's Pieces Cupcake as well. Heavenly. Sat outside in 'downtown' Beverly Hills and noshed on some fabulous treats. It was fun. But alas, but stomach disagreed. I don't know why I expected anything different...

Sunday, I spent all day trying not to get sicker. Kombucha, water and the couch became my bff's. In that order. I did however muster up the energy to attend my friends fabulous Pirate Burlesque show at the Redwood with two of my gorgeous friends Jaime and Ali. The girls looked AMAZING! Sadly, during halftime, I had to sneak out. The sound was much to loud and I realized I'm getting much to old to enjoy mind blowing speaker systems. In addition to a cranky tummy, my eardrums were about to start bleeding at any moment. I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely ladies I saw and sad I missed the others :(

Overall, I had a great weekend! Part of my goals for this year were to get out and try new things, go to new places and get some new experiences under my belt.

Grilled Cheese Fest? Check!
A cupcake from Crumbs and NOT Sprinkles? Check!
Pirate burlesque? Check!

Now, back to the day job. It's a slow morning but I'm going to be doing some more
training this week. Fun times!

From eye patch nights, to glasses days.


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